Randy. Thanks for creating such a pleasant environment where I felt safe, secure, accepted, etc.-- the experience was terrific, you are very talented young man!!! -C.J. El Paso, TX

Randy -  It was the best. Thanks very much. I will not hesitate
to recommend you and to return again myself!
Be well - Mark, South Bend, IN

You are truly an artist at what you do Randy. A true Healing Artist.
 -- Gary, Fairacres,  NM

After my massage was the first time in a year I didn't have heel and leg pain when I went to bed. You're a miracle worker Randy.
-- Dave T., Las Cruces, NM

I have being getting massage for over twenty years and I can honestly that yours was probably the best massage I've ever experienced. Your attention to detail and confident touch put me at ease immediately. Thank you so much Randy.
-- Susanne, Houston, TX

I've gone through more doctors, chiropractors, healers and masseurs than you can believe. You were the first one who not only listened to me without judgement but also made me remember what my body could feel like without pain, without pills.
-- Don, Las Cruces/Albuquerque, NM

I slept for the first time in months after your great massage Randy. Perfect pressure. You are so intuitive and caring I felt like a new person! Can't wait for our next appointment.
Mike, Las Cruces, NM

The massage was so seamless and just the perfect amount of pressure . Thanks.
Bill, El Paso, TX

Your hands are so strong yet so sensitive. The massage was amazing. Thanks Randy. -- Brice W., Los Angeles, CA

I've seriously considered travelling all the way back to New Mexico just for another massage. Maybe you could relocate to Wichita? You'd have a regular client if you did. 
--Gary, Wichita, KS

Randy you are that rare combination of skill meets talent. Thanks. -- Michael, El Paso, TX

I've suffered from Fybromyalgia for years. Your treatments give me an appreciated respite from the pain. 
--Linda, Albq., NM

How you find all those knots in my back...it's like you have eyes in your fingers. Bill L., Albq., NM Client since 1994